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Recent content by 5qled

  1. 5qled

    Denied Kit-PvP Kill Streak Counter

    Minecraft Username: 5qled Suggestion: Kill Streak Counter Detailed description: please add killstreak counter on the sidebar so u can know ur killstreak and thx Reason(s):
  2. 5qled

    This place in the map is unfair 👍

    Remove this place or add blocks https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/813904508841099276/819990829657358376/Minecraft_1.8.9___LabyMod_3.7.7_2021-03-12_17-03-18_Trim_2_Trim.mp4
  3. 5qled

    Denied Minigames New Gifting System

    ty Just bypassing the chat filter down here. don't mind me.
  4. 5qled

    Whos the best bedwars player?

    cAp Oops! We ran into some problems.
  5. 5qled

    Whos the best bedwars player?

    Probably Me because im so cool and nice and idk what (y)
  6. 5qled

    Denied Minigames New Gifting System

    Then add more luck and good items to mystery boxes, I get only death animations.
  7. 5qled

    Denied Minigames New Gifting System

    +1 forgot to type that xd yea and more rarity the item has more coins
  8. 5qled

    What is the highest 2s winstreak currently?

    idk my highst winstreak is 31 in doubles with my friend
  9. 5qled

    Denied Minigames New Gifting System

    Minecraft Username: 5qled Suggestion: New Gifting System Detailed description: When u open a mystery box u have a very low chance to get good cosmetics like kill messages and victory dances u will probably get explosion death animation or rip death animation <no body needs them =P> i mean...
  10. 5qled

    Accepted SkyWars Armour

    +1 bcz this will be insane LOLOLOl
  11. 5qled

    Denied BedWars Custom Gamemodes

    -1 because pika said that they will stop copying hypixel and thank you
  12. 5qled

    Global Mention (Small Addition)

    He is using cracked account so he cant
  13. 5qled

    Denied BedWars Pika Level improvments

    yes Idk what to write LOLOLOLOL
  14. 5qled

    Denied Practice +1 set armor in combo and gapple

    -1 Stupid mf Chat limit filter ^_^
  15. 5qled

    Denied Practice Replace water with lava in sumo

    +1 bcz this would be so cool Predefined message to bypass the limit filter