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    Bug nation

    Yes it is kind of a bug. I will suggest eating a gapple before tping.
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    Bug Glitch

    Make a bug report.
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    Bug Glitch

    Checkvildript dont spam messages that are not related to thread.
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    I need some redstone help

    Dude tbh u can go check out double piston extender designs in yt and google. Also u can check mumbo jumbo videos about it.
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    Global /skin set

    Its kind of not required. It wont make a difference for premium players and cracked mc players can just use launcher skins atleast u would be able to see your skin. Also adding /skin with a pop up showing skins would make game a bit buggy though Apart from this if owner wish to add it they...
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    Hit registration depends on ping too if u have higher ping hits wont register. Also in nodebuff hit registeration is good. I prefer playing nodebuff rather than build uhc.
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    Global Add a system for unclaimed rewards and gifts and also another command called /inbox.

    +1 This idea is great. Even i lost keys in kitpvp becoz of this.
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    What is your fav music?!

    I am the one( khalid remix )
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    PracticePvP Build different Arenas for PvP

    +1 this idea is great. My pc lags in practice too and this can help to fix it.
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    What Is The Fastest Way To Sell Mob Drops ?

    Buy sell wand. It costs real money but it is effective u can check it out in store
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    Buying Rank but it doesn't let me Here make a thread
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    BedWars Anticheat on Bedwars

    Oof i can pvp well dude even wity bad ping i play bedwars all the time and mostly win.
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    Please fix your server

    It happens with everyone and sometimes its server fault and it gets fixed. If u are constantly getting lag then it might be coming from your end. Check your connection.
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    BedWars Anticheat on Bedwars

    Why everyone keeps on saying anticheat is bad and something has to be done without mentioning what has to be done. How can this be a suggestion. I will request please post the solution to the problem u think is right rather than saying something has to be done. Its impossible for moderators to...
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    Denied Global Add a new game!

    Dude adding new gamemodes isnt easy. It makes server more laggy and less stable. Also new gamemodes might be added in future u can give suggestion but u cannot expect them to do in one day. Dont post multiple threads.