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    Creative new creative gamemode

    Suggestion: new creative gamemode Detailed description: Creative with plots is kinda boring you can only build on flat land unless you build hills by yourself. There should be 2 creative modes, one is with plots and other is survival creative Reason(s): As mentioned before building only on...
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    My name is atemi

    Do you speedcube also? If yes then how fast are you on 3x3
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    My name is atemi

    So, I'll do also introduction about myself althought I think no one cares about that. So i'm 15 y/o, I'm playing mc cuz I like to build in creative mode. My hobbies are tricking, volleyball, gym and speedcubing. I've been playing in this server quite some time by now, I had big pause and I see...
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    Denied Creative new creative

    Suggestion: new creative Detailed description: There should be 2 creative servers. One is creative survival and other is creative with plots. Reason(s): Many players want an old creative back I haven't seen the old creative yet but based on others that sounds fun. But also plots should be...
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    Creative WorldEdit timer in Creative

    Suggestion: WorldEdit timer in Creative Detailed description: When you vote and get WorldEdit ability then on scoreboard it should show how much time you have left to use that. Reason(s): There is no way to see how much time you have left. Example(s): WorldEdit left: x sec/min
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    In OPprison ImgoodFamz is scamming money

    He is scamming with little house,there is signs "Free beacon" and last sign is buying sign if you right click there you buy cobblestone.I have proof video too i show there that house