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  • Hi Frenco, I got Banned by max he said contact me on discord gunfire#0001 i did he was talking to me he said i opened so much godly keys so i got banned after that he didnt reply whats my fault i just opened the godly keys i appealed many times and staff kept denying my appeals with the reason contact gunfire#0001 on discord
    Mr frenco sir : , i collected pika iron right i vote like 200 and 6 and this happened that my last 50 iron gone i dont know how i have still 1500 iron i want my 500 iron back i have proof man please if you see this give me i want to buy elite and today was the day but i am to broke now :( and this happend today :(


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    hello apply to do hack checks in the Op faction, since i love this server and i see that there are a lot of hackers i feel compelled to apply. Im Sin3tox_ and I have immortal rank.

    I purchase echo.ac is a tool for found all hack ghost on pc, I buyed it.
    contact me if you are interested thanks!
    Mr frenco can u unban my accaunt pls I was playing and I got frozen by helper and she ask me for anydisk but I didn't have that and I think that is virus can u unban me ?
    Bro plz change my password of cUtEGaMeR_
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    If you forgot your password you can make a password reset request HERE. If you remember your password and you just want to change it you can do that by joining Pika and typing /changepassword <oldpassword> <newpassword> <newpassword>.
    hello mr frenco I am Sanchit just 11 year old boy i forgot my pika network password i sent a request to change my password and a email came it gave me a new pass and told me the method to change . i tried login using this but it said wrong password so i tried changing it but it said that i am not allowed to do that pls help.
    HI Mr.Frenco have you ever met the owners and do you know how they are like?
    sounds sus
    are u planning to kidnap em and demand for pika gold???
    count me in the plan too!!!
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    My Name is sadls and i got banned for no reason and after my Appeal i got banned again. Im 1st place in skywars.

    I Like to play on this Server so please Help.

    Thank you
    Your ban has expired. Next time just wait out your ban if it's by console.
    Hi Mr Frenco I would really like to discuss on a issue with u about recent staff abusings. Kindly Dm me In discord My Discord Is Thrust#1044
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