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    uhhh, may I know where this "hacker" is found?
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    oh, pm me my dude.

    oh, pm me my dude.
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    Looking for some old dudes

    completely forgot about kaos too, but hey! I'm an old player lol.
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    Voting system busted?

    I think some voting sites have a cooldown timing of like 6 hours or something, I may be wrong. But yeah, this needs some fixing too.
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    Ay! How you've been Ziilon? IT HAS BEEN A WHILE my man.

    Ay! How you've been Ziilon? IT HAS BEEN A WHILE my man.
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    Just to ask.

    Oh right, I forgot to ask, could I get my "Veteran" status on the forums here? I was a staff here back in 2016-17.
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    that's the cutest thing i've ever seen in my entire life.
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    It has been a long journey

    lmao he's an old admin/owner of this place for like idk forever before dutch
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    no, maybe, idk, dont remember.
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    I'm always watching.

    Hey. 2019. Three months late. chunga.
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    oh my god, is that your cat?
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    Oi help me out with Maths

    2+2 is 4 minus 1 that's 3 quick maths
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    Denied for the staff team

    It's alright, I got denied too. Just try again. I ain't trying no more.
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    So, Hi.

    The more you know, am I right? We've met before lol, need to be so formal haha ecksdee