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  1. Flat_Earth

    Creative Bring Back Old Privacy

    Suggestion: Bring Back Old Privacy Detailed description: [ /plot deny * ]command is the best way to protect your plot from annoying players/spy/bothering Reason(s): UpperGround is freaking god damn annoying making many alts and spying my plot and sending too many players to my plot and...
  2. Flat_Earth

    Potion Bug

    some of my friends is unable to throw the potion item from their friends inventory when my friends throw the potion and it keeps coming back and i make a sethome to void for helping them to rid the stuck potions by dying from the void
  3. Flat_Earth

    Doors Bugging

    sometimes the doors not workings when i use levers on the doors and activate it and i break the lever and the door freezes and i break the door and i place the door again and its now keeping bug and unable to interact. we should make the creative 1.8.9
  4. Flat_Earth

    hellow guys i am helping Pikanetwork to get rid offensers

    most on Creative(y)(y) i like a good community
  5. Flat_Earth

    Creative Marry Plugin for Creative

    Suggestion: Marry Plugin for Creative Detailed description: we like to Marry some Gfs/Bfs Reason(s): the new creative 3.... the /marry command/plugin were missing features but creative NY - 1 - 2 have this command this days so many players want to get back this command for marry girls or...
  6. Flat_Earth

    Creative Restore Day / Night Cycle time

    Suggestion: Restore Day / Night Cycle time Detailed description: the day and night cycle for creative Reason(s): The new creative 3 is the most boring server ever created. the Day and night cycle time is locked 2 Months everyone is asking about this articles for locked the day cycle time...
  7. Flat_Earth

    Creative update insufficient perms for MYSTIC rank

    Suggestion: update insufficient perms for MYSTIC rank Detailed description: ummm something really really don't feel the 50 euro rank slightly insufficient for special commands for 50euro MYSTIC rank Reason(s): [missing perms for MYSTIC rank ]on below //undo //flip /head /ignore /gms...