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    Insiding bannable

    Insiding breaks big faction trust my fac was one of top fac but i got insided like 2 times which really broke it. Its difficult to start recruiting after being insided.
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    Why masterson?

    Staff knows there responsibility and masterson will never false ban anyone. Refusing to screenshar is against rules and leads to permanent ban u can argue. Stop acting like small child be more mature.
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    Unecessary Cooldowns.

    No /fix all should have cooldown for eg if u are pvping a guy the only way to win is break opponent armour if /fix all will not have cooldown then their armours will never break they will become annoyed.
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    Applying for staff tomorrow

    Gl i applied for staff too but it got rejected within few hours due to me not mentioning my previous usernames which have good activity. Make sure to mention everything.
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    Everything wrong about bedwars

    Nah i can ninja bridge with good speed. Maybe u are getting bad ping and you are getting ghost blocks. Server has nthing to do with it.
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    Everything wrong about bedwars

    The bedwars of server is quite stable and i dont have complain with that. The bugs u mentioned above doesnt get me banned though also anticheat works fine. It happened a lot of time that hackers get banned in few mins after they start hacking. Bedwars hasnot been reset and new features will be...
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    Can't change avatar

    If u mean changing your skin then only premium players can do that. There is no skin changer in pika.
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    Make a ban appeal
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    BedWars Please make solo BedWars

    +1 i too want solo bedwars sometimes i fight solo in doubles añd its annoying. I would really like to see it be added to bedwars
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    hit register and people leaving duels

    Hit register depends on ping as well and sometimes it is your ping which causes hits not register. Also the new features in practice pvp create some lag. I feel it too while pvping if the plugins can be changed then it will improve pvp.
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    Update Survival Reset

    Finally its here.. been waiting for months for this reset. Thx
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    The anti cheat is literal garbage lmao

    Must be in kit pvp. Due to the fact that too many guys are fighting there the anti cheat detects players who are running as hacks.
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    make tnt jumping possible

    Dude if u are giving a suggestion elaborate it though. But ik what u talking and tnt jumping is possible in bedwars if u do it right, i did it many times u gotta aim properly. U have to time the jump as tnt in pika is slow.
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    I was griefed!

    If u stay inactive for months your claims will be unclaimed and this way it can be griefed. Otherwise there is no way to grief claimed base.
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    Global Appeals and Unbans

    In first place why did u break any rule. If u would have followed em u woudnt have got ban. And why the heck people should be unban for breaking rules and ruining other player experience.
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    Hi Im a New Member,Can you help?!?

    Try logging in again. Most of the time it fixes. But if it still bothers make a bug report.
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    Survival 2019 building ideas!

    Redstone wont cause lag if the base doesnt have continous working redstone i mean like a redstone door which opens and close continuously. Make a redstone system which works only when u acticate it this way it wont cause lag.
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    Doors Bugging

    Make a bug report here. And use this kind of threads for reporting bugs.
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    Potion Bug

    If u found a bug u can report here.
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    Survival 2019 building ideas!

    Lol let the survival reset happen. U can decide after that. In my opinion make a huge redstone operated base.