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    My name is Ronnit and am from India. I like to play minecraft a lot. My hobbies include studying and playing. Am good at academics. I love to play bedwars and PvP stuff and I like to chat with my friends and make new friends. Thank you!! XD
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    OP Factions Recruit rank

    Suggestion: Recruit rank Detailed description: There is a recruit rank in op faction which can be seen in f perms but cannot be given. I want it to be added so that it could be given to new members who are not trustworthy yet. Reason(s): The new members who join faction are not trustworthy...
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    BedWars New bedwars Event!!

    Suggestion: New bedwars Event!! Detailed description: The server should host bedwars event for the BEDWAR lovers. It will be great as there are many players who love bedwars. The event size can vary as it can be doubles triples and 4vs4. Reason(s): Most of the events are dropper,karoke and...
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    OP Factions New commands in OP faction

    Suggestion: New commands in OP faction Detailed description: Permission like access to break spawner and access to see faction location should be added. Also I am unable to know what does the perms allow player to do. Commands like /commands should be added for ranks so that players can know...
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    Denied BedWars New maps, Leaderboards and commands

    Suggestion: New maps, Leaderboards and commands Detailed description: The BEDWARS need new maps should be added also leaderboards should be added because they make every win worthwhile. I would like to see a /stat command so we can see our kills and deaths. Reason(s): Playing on 3 maps is...
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    The BEDWARS in server is lacking leaderboards and new maps.. It only has 3 maps and also the castle map has glitch in which green team spawns with a chest with pickaxe dia sword and ended chest. Also leaderboards increase the competition level and also makes every win worth. The coins also...