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  1. HakunaMyFapa

    Classic SkyBlock Increase the limit of island members

    Suggestion: Increase the limit of island members Detailed description: You should give to SkyGod donors the ability to have 9 or 10 island members Reason(s): We want to be able to invite more friends to our island. Having 8 island members isn't really that much. Since the island size can...
  2. HakunaMyFapa

    Accepted PracticePvP Add /realname

    Suggestion: Add /realname Detailed description: We need /realname because Silver and Gold donor ranks can do /nick and we can't see their realnames. Not even with dragging our mouse on their names on chat. Reason(s): Members need to know who is the player (if someone is nicked) and staff...
  3. HakunaMyFapa

    Denied Global Add YouTube rank.

    Suggestion: Add YouTube rank. Detailed description: If a player has over 1000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, he can apply for YouTube rank. YouTube rank will be given on forums, in-game and the Pika-network's Discord server. The rank should not give any extra perks to the player...
  4. HakunaMyFapa

    Denied Creative Add /ic (inventory clear) permission

    Suggestion: Add /ic (inventory clear) permission Detailed description: You should give to all players (donors and members) /ic command. Reason(s): It would make for us way easier to clear our inventory. The reason why is because when we are building something big and our inventory gets...
  5. HakunaMyFapa

    Event EVENT: King of The Hill!

    KING OF THE HILL! Hosted by: HakunaMyFapa ________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello PikaCrafters! The Staff Team will be hosting a King Of The Hill event on 9th march at 6:00 PM GMT. Wanna show them who is the dominant of the hill? Be the...
  6. HakunaMyFapa

    Ideas for my Profile picture.

    I was thinking to change my profile picture. If you have any ideas about what would you my profile picture to me tell me plz. Feel free to follow me ;)
  7. HakunaMyFapa

    Classic SkyBlock Add Clay/Bricks

    Suggestion: Add Clay/Bricks Detailed description: It would allow the players to buy clay or bricks from the /shop. Gamemode / Platform: Classic SkyBlock Reason(s): Many players have already asked me where they can find clay or bricks. That means that players want to use this block to...
  8. HakunaMyFapa

    Hello,I am HakunaMyFapa

    IGN and Ranks: My in game name is HakunaMyFapa. I play in almost all pika-network's servers but mostly I play in classic skyblock and KitPvP. I have SkyGod rank in classic skyblock server and GOD Rank in KitPvP server. IRL Info: My real name is Alex. Currently I am 17 years old, I live in Greece...
  9. HakunaMyFapa

    Anvils in Kit PvP Server

    There are no anvils in Kit PvP server plz any admin come and put some we can not repair armors
  10. HakunaMyFapa


    The countdown is finished where is the reset !! ??
  11. HakunaMyFapa

    Op factions RESET

    I really can not wait for the OP-Factions reset.Only 1 hour and 40 minutes to wait :D
  12. HakunaMyFapa

    Fruit Salad

    Today the donors in classic skyblock decided to make a fruit salad :D
  13. HakunaMyFapa

    Anyone knows what happened to Toridawn???

    Have anyone seen ToriDawn ?
  14. HakunaMyFapa

    Denied [Classic SkyBlock] Add Rename command

    Suggestion: Add Rename command Detailed description: Hello,I remember like 3 years ago in Pika-network you could get from crate keys or buy for 5$ irl money a rename command.This would allow players to rename items.I see you have a item rename right now that players can get for supply crates...
  15. HakunaMyFapa

    Accepted Classic SkyBlock Improve the donor kits in Classic Skyblock

    Suggestion: Improve the donor kits in Classic Skyblock Detailed description: Talking as a SkyGod donor the kits are really bad.We get 1 set of Prot.V Unb.3 armor every 48 hours and the sword is very bad.We get 1 sword Unbreaking 3 . Gamemode / Platform: Classic SkyBlock Reason(s)...