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    Denied BedWars To add Wood skins

    Like lol guy said it was already suggested
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    Denied BedWars add challenges

    Already suggested. i like girls ;))
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    Denied OP Prison Tags in Opprison Like they are in opfactions

    +1, sounds pretty cool not gonna lie
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    But thanks!

    But thanks!
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    Yeah your 35 messages too late😅

    Yeah your 35 messages too late😅
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    BedWars Connect to BedWars lobby if server is full

    Pretty annoyed when this happens, +1
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    BedWars Cyborg Kill Messages (Bedwars)

    epic kill messages, i love these! +1
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    Minigames Christmas Tokens

    Yeah, but maybe it can be used for next year asw!
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    Denied Minigames Let leaderboard players nick

    Like blazemon said pato is a level 90 and he plays with 0 trouble , so it shall not be a problem for the pika lb players + that’s basically just giving players free titan rank bruh
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    Minigames Christmas Tokens

    CommonTNT knows obamas last name lmao
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    Minigames Christmas Tokens

    Thank you! And yeah idk how it is lack of detail :D
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    Minigames Christmas Tokens

    When you log on at 11th January they will be converted into coins in the lobby, or any currency in the minigame, but for practice it will be converted into ranked matches automatically
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    Minigames Christmas Tokens

    Fum Fym lack of detail💀, how is there lack of detail
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    Minigames Christmas Tokens

    U have big big big balls becuz u +1
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    Update OpPrison - Reset | December the 3rd 2021

    very very very very very very very very nice
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    Minigames Christmas Tokens

    Or this too, anything works with it
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    When you thought you finna play a normal game of bedwars...

    the best video in the world negl