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  1. Ninjarex123

    Denied BedWars fill and no fill?

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: fill and no fill? Detailed description: so when u click on duo trio or squads u will get a option to get teammates or no teammates it will be challenging and if there are 4 people in a party and the leader made it squads no fill then they all...
  2. Ninjarex123

    i need help

    if i type /sell hand it says u cant use the command so how do u sell stuff in ah? and is there any way to transfer island ownership? how do you make a island member co-op and co-owner? edit: how do you get sapling?
  3. Ninjarex123

    Denied BedWars Health on kill

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: Health on kill Detailed description: so when you get a kill in bedwars u will get half a heart or 1 heart it will make bedwars intersting Reason(s):
  4. Ninjarex123

    Denied BedWars Competitave Bedwars

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: Competitave Bedwars Detailed description: Add like a ranked mode where u fight with players who are the same skill and add like a point system 1 kill is 1 point a bed is 4 points a final is 6 points something like that and add different divisions...
  5. Ninjarex123

    bw update

    so i started playing fortnite 2 months ago and i kinda stop playing mc now. and 2 months later i check forums theres a bw update today lol. idk i might start playing mc.
  6. Ninjarex123

    Denied Discord arcane bot

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: arcane bot Detailed description: Add arcane bot it has a good leveling system and the public chat will always be active if u put this bot in the server. it is a very good bot and it has other features Reason(s): chat will be more active Example(s)...
  7. Ninjarex123

    Denied Forums Forums problem

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: Forums problem Detailed description: Ok so if a player want to report they will put it in the specfic gamemode forums and again and again we have give the link instead of doing that I Suggest: add like a tutorial when u join forums just like they...
  8. Ninjarex123

    Enderman kit

    How to Get enderman kit fast i have 1k coins :(
  9. Ninjarex123

    Global Friends status

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: Friends status Detailed description: There should be a coomand like /friends status <status message> and when someone try to /fmsg you it should show the status message and if u want ur friend to send u the /fmsg after seeing the status the command...
  10. Ninjarex123

    Hi I am someone

    I’m NinjaRex I only bedwars and I suck at skywars I want to know everyone in forums lol
  11. Ninjarex123

    Denied Forums Forums

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: Forums Detailed description: So I thought of this idea add /nick for forums u need to go to profile and change ur name. When u make a post/reply ur name should look like this. Nick @Ninjarex123 Reason(s): Cuz if u make account and u want to...
  12. Ninjarex123

    Denied Lobby Lobby

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: Lobby Detailed description: Make it so that everyone can fly in lobbies like op prison spawn it will be fun Reason(s): cuz it will take more time to walk to npc
  13. Ninjarex123

    Meme about bedwars update

    xD View: https://imgur.com/a/tBmhiZP
  14. Ninjarex123

    what a good idea for bedwars

    i played a private game and there is TEAM SEELCTOR for private game then why not add it for normal games. huhhhh
  15. Ninjarex123

    Denied BedWars Bedwars Tournment

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: Bedwars Tournment Detailed description: Add bedwars monthly tourment for 4s mode becuase it will be fun and add prizes like coins gift card ranks and cosmetics. the Tournment will be fun and if your bored we can play and have fun. Reason(s)...
  16. Ninjarex123

    op prison trade for gift card read desctirpiton of the thread

    giving 1 Trillion cash 2 smuggler kit voucher 2 crinimal kit voucher and 2 set of prop 6 armor for 5 euro gift card proff (scroll down)
  17. Ninjarex123

    Anybody know any good fps boost bed wars client?

    i use badlion in tlauncher now it got patched so my fps go down and i cant find any good clients pls help dont suggest hyperium,labymod,batmod
  18. Ninjarex123

    Accepted BedWars Make custom maps so it doenst fell like like hypixel

    Minecraft Username: Ninjarex123 Suggestion: Make custom maps so it doenst fell like like hypixel Detailed description: Make custom maps Reason(s): Custom maps would be good without hypixel maps so It would look like u stole maps from hypixel