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  1. Samofls9

    How much cps can yall reach

    14-17 Please enter a message with more than 6 words
  2. Samofls9

    Denied SkyWars Suggestions related to the latest SkyWars update

    +1. However, I would nerf the kits a little because they was really OP and it was really unfair to everyone else. It was also a bit P2W so if you paid then you basically won because the loot was too op.
  3. Samofls9

    Which client is the best for you. (Advantages and Disadvantages)

    The updater loads every time you close the game for some reason. It isn’t actually doing anything xd
  4. Samofls9

    Which client is the best for you. (Advantages and Disadvantages)

    If you are struggling to decide which client to use, or maybe you just don't know any that you can use. I am here to give you the pros and cons of some of the more known clients to help you decide which client is best for you. Forge Forge is a standard mod launcher for Minecraft, the reason I...
  5. Samofls9

    Explaining the rules in a more simplified way.

    It's hard to add screenshots to them all, not all of them I am able to give an example of or won't give an example of. Such as suicide jokes/encouragement/wishes/threats, discrimination, and the list goes on. The reason I did not add screenshots to these is I do not condone any of them. I can...
  6. Samofls9

    Accepted Discord Add Great Reporter role

    Maybe because I don't like the idea In general? Players should be reporting people anyway not just so they get the reward of a role.
  7. Samofls9

    Accepted Discord Add Great Reporter role

    -1 already denied in another thread
  8. Samofls9

    Denied BedWars can you please make stone swords 10 iron

    Hello @christianpwet , Thank you for creating a suggestion to improve the server. We are always doing our best to make the server a better place for everyone. However, we have decided to deny your suggestion due to: Already Suggested like 69,420 times Thank you very much for helping us. ^...
  9. Samofls9

    Denied BedWars add bedwars minigames

    - 1 Bedwars is aimed to be a player vs player game where you buy items and take out other player's beds. This in no way would fit the term "bedwars".
  10. Samofls9

    Skywars more like survival?

    Hello. Please create a bug report here: Bug Reports | PikaNetwork (pika-network.net) Sam
  11. Samofls9

    Blocks lag

    Hello. If you can't bridge or place blocks, this is down to do with your network and you can check your network speeds either online or looking in tab, high ping or slow wifi speeds will cause this to happen. The reason you get kicked for client modifications is due to the anti-cheat. If you...
  12. Samofls9

    Update Suggestion

    Hello. I like the suggestion but this will not be added. The reason for this is simple: Pika Network is not trying to be an exact replica of Hypixel. For future reference, please refer to the suggestions page found here: Suggestions | PikaNetwork (pika-network.net) Do not create a suggestion...
  13. Samofls9

    This place in the map is unfair 👍

    Hello. On most maps in practice, there are ways to get behind the barriers or above ground where other players can not reach. The only way they can fix this is by extending the barrier block height so that you can not possibly pearl over or be boosted up. Create a suggestion here if you would...
  14. Samofls9

    Bots Add

    Hello @GetCombo! If you have a suggestion you must make them here: Suggestions | PikaNetwork (pika-network.net) However, please do not create a suggestion related to this, It was suggested before and denied for the following reasons: - They cause lag towards the server. - They are hard to...
  15. Samofls9

    Silver Rank Glitch

    To correct what @UpperGround has mentioned. You would need to make a report here: Payment Related | PikaNetwork (pika-network.net) However, I was in a game with you today and your rank was there :) Sam
  16. Samofls9

    Login Denied

    The Anti Bot Filter always detects this for various reasons. Please appeal using the link provided: Ban/Mute Appeals | PikaNetwork (pika-network.net)
  17. Samofls9

    Parkour Q

    Hello @LaggyMario! If you think you have encountered a bug/glitch on the network. Please make a bug report here: Bug Reports | PikaNetwork (pika-network.net) Sam
  18. Samofls9

    Bedwars CPS

    Any CPS is allowed. However, clicking above 10-15 will make the anti-cheat false kick/ban you most of the time.
  19. Samofls9

    Any tips for sumo?

    Higher CPS. The higher the CPS you take less KB in a fight where you are both hitting each other constantly.
  20. Samofls9

    When you open the vote shop, there is a section at the bottom that will tell you how many tokens...

    When you open the vote shop, there is a section at the bottom that will tell you how many tokens you have.