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  1. Arjun5174

    Denied Global Pixelmon

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: Pixelmon ( Read Description ) Detailed description: The Name "Pika" Means Pikachu, Which Is a Pokemon. It Makes Sense as Pika Should Add Pixelmon. Pixelmon is very easy and new mode to add as the staff team needs to only add: New Server for Pixelmon...
  2. Arjun5174

    Denied Practice Vote Rewards For Practice

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: Vote Rewards For Practice Detailed description: Ok so, the idea is simple, pika should add "Vote Rewards" For Practice Mode. Vote Rewards: 3 Votes = 6 Ranked Matches 6 Votes = 12 Ranked Matches 10 Votes = 20 Ranked Matches 25/50 Votes = 1...
  3. Arjun5174

    Denied SkyWars Sell Items In Skywars

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: Sell Items In Skywars Detailed description: Make a way so that you can sell cosmetic items like cages, kits etc. Eg: if you have a red box, you can sell it for 1000 coins. eg: if You have Enderman Kit, You can sell it for 12,500 coins And if you have...
  4. Arjun5174

    Practice New Mode

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: New Mode Detailed description: Pearl Clutch Mode: Add A Mode Were People can practice pearl clutching in Practice mode. Items: Stick ( Knockback 1 ), ( 8 or 6 ) enderpearl, ( 16 or 8 ) Blocks The Map Should Be A Small One With 20x15 or 30x15. Players...
  5. Arjun5174

    Fractions Pro Rank Voucher

    Giving Fractions Pro Rank Voucher For Practice Silver Rank And 1 Advanced Crate Key. Or Only Practice Silver Rank For More Information DM Me Discord: ItzArjun#8961
  6. Arjun5174

    Denied Global Better Hit Registeration

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: Better Hit Registeration Detailed description: Make it so that all players get better Hit reg. The current hit reg is bad. I hit a guys like 20 or 30 times and he did not die Reason(s): This would make the server good
  7. Arjun5174

    Kill Messages

    Can we buy kill Messages using points? Of yes then how?
  8. Arjun5174

    Denied Practice Free Rank ( read description )

    Minecraft Username: oArjun Suggestion: Free Rank ( read description ) Detailed description: Make It So That People Above 1100 Global Elo Gets Silver Rank and People Above 1200 Global Elo Gets Gold Rank. ( Maybe Just Maybe #1 Global Elo Person Gets Diamond ) Reason(s): It Will Encourage...
  9. Arjun5174

    Denied Practice Less Enderpearls And Cooldown

    Minecraft Username: ItzArjun Suggestion: Less Enderpearls And Cooldown Detailed description: Make It So That You Will Get Less Enderpearl and More Cooldown Like eg: 6 Enderpearls and 20 Second Cooldown Reason(s): As Many many Sweats know if you play nodebuff or debuff or hcf ect, you...
  10. Arjun5174

    Denied Practice Chat Perms

    Minecraft Username: ItzArjun Suggestion: Chat Perms Detailed description: Practice Has Different Divisions Silver, Gold I, Gold II, Gold III, Gold IV, Emerald I, Emerald II, Emerald III, Diamond I Silver is 1000 or Below and The Gold Is 1001- 1050 and Emerald I- 1051 Emerald II- 1101...
  11. Arjun5174

    Nord VPN Account For Minigames Store Giftcard

    I will Be Exchanging Nord VPN Account for Store giftcard as I dont need this account, my friend gave it for me So I am Trading It. It is worth 60$ but I am Going for 55$ or 45$ or less I meant USD and this is worth 90$ but sellling for cheap
  12. Arjun5174

    Denied Minigames Mystery Boxes Changes

    Minecraft Username: ItzArjun Suggestion: Mystery Boxes Changes Detailed description: Make it so that we could get higher chance of getting cosmetics and other things Reason(s): Always Many many people are getting trash cosmetics like tnt death animation from unique mstery box so change it
  13. Arjun5174

    Denied BedWars New Update

    Minecraft Username: ItzArjun Suggestion: New Update Detailed description: Make A Update In Which Pika Adds More Things to bedwars, that players suggested and new maps There are a Few maps add The Maps Custom or The Hypikle Reason(s): Bedwars Needs a Update We Can't Play Bedwars at...
  14. Arjun5174

    Denied Practice New Practice Event Suggestion

    Minecraft Username: ItzArjun Suggestion: New Practice Event Suggestion Detailed description: Add a way to make the event like a tournament I participaed in a event and it was 3 hours long no jk Add a Way to make tournament like when the tounament starts every player will go to there own...
  15. Arjun5174

    Denied Forums Link Accounts

    Minecraft Username: ItzArjun Suggestion: Link Accounts Detailed description: Make a way to link account on forums Reason(s): It will be very helpful in identifiying people
  16. Arjun5174

    Denied BedWars New item

    Minecraft Username: ItzArjun Suggestion: New item Detailed description: Add Invis Pots It Is Very useful and I know it is already suggested Before This post gets -1 and then denied I want to tell you IT IS OP FOR HACKER RIGHT? WHO THE HACKER WILL BE DUMB TO FLY HACK TO MID AND...
  17. Arjun5174

    OP Prison Items For Giftcard or vip rank

    I Will Give My Full inventory As I do not Play OP Prison I want The Offer to Be VIP Rank or gift card. if VIP rank then send me the proof of you buying it tome and then I will give the stuff to u Friend Me and I will accept and Then DM ME. I will CHoose The Person Who Bids The Largest Money...
  18. Arjun5174

    New Voting Glitch aha

    View: https://imgur.com/uWFv68m
  19. Arjun5174

    Denied BedWars New Maps

    Minecraft Username: ItzArjun Suggestion: New Maps Detailed description: Add More Maps Adding More Maps WIll Reduce the lag and more people could play it and It Would be Fun Reason(s): This Would reduce the lag and more people could play it. Sometimes the Doubles and solos Maps Would Be...
  20. Arjun5174

    Denied BedWars Pick and Axe Upgrades

    Minecraft Username: ItzArjun Suggestion: Pick and Axe Upgrades Detailed description: Add The Pick and Axe Upgrades Like this- Pickaxe- Teir 1: 10 Iron Teir 2: 10 Iron Teir 3: 3 Gold Teir 4: 6 Gold Axe- Teir 1: 10 Iron Teir 2: 10 Iron Teir 3: 3 Gold Teir 4: 6 Gold make them so that you...