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  1. voodootje0

    Accepted Store New payment methods

    Hello mlk713, Thank you for your interest in creating a suggestion for the server. I am glad to tell you that your suggestion has been accepted and it's going to be implemented very soon! Have fun playing on PikaNetwork!
  2. voodootje0

    Denied Lifesteal play while in queue

    Hello Gohanrules, Thank you for creating a suggestion to improve the server. We are always doing our best to make the server a better place for everyone. However, we have decided to deny your suggestion due to: Reason given above. "Suppose you're playing an intense Match and suddenly you've...
  3. voodootje0

    Fixed Kit-PvP Christmas Set is Broken

    Hey Deleted member 133861, We are always working to make the server better and now because of you, the bug should have been fixed! Thank you very much for helping us. Have a good time on PikaNetwork!