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  1. DanielT_

    Nice one

    Nice one
  2. DanielT_

    Denied OP Factions Let Factions Team Handle Factions !

    +1 I agree only with some parts of this suggestion. Even tho I wouldn't say only factions staff should screenshare players grinding at their bases, etc. They should be able to at least (I will quote you now) find the client, not just run the tool, that's in the inactive case (it even shows the...
  3. DanielT_

    Update OpFactions - Reset | December The 23rd 2022

    Wow I won't get 4 false strikes for abusing faction shield now, maybe!!! So happy about it
  4. DanielT_

    OP Factions Enable using gen buckets when enemies are nearby

    Username: DanielT_ Suggestion: Enable using gen buckets when enemies are nearby Detailed description: Enable genning while enemy is nearby since there is /fly in enemy claims the gens should be enabled people can be 100 blocks in air and you still cannot gen walls or a box to raid someone...
  5. DanielT_

    OP Factions Don't disable /printer when enemy is nearby

    Username: DanielT_ Suggestion: Don't disable /printer when enemy is nearby Detailed description: Whenever there's an enemy close to you, the /printer shouldn't disable. And when you type /printer and an enemy is nearby It shouldn't tell you. That you cannot use printer because the enemy is...
  6. DanielT_

    OP Factions Easier to make oceans

    If you say 5 minutes, you clearly don't know what an ocean is. Therefore your vote shouldn't be even counted. But sadly, here we are.
  7. DanielT_

    OP Factions Bring /f shop to Pika Network

    +1 Since you can get tnt easily from creeper spawners (they drop loads now), you could add this also. Would be at least a little easier for the comp players. Additional info: laupvp will ocean 10 buffers a day instead of 1 but it's ok
  8. DanielT_

    OP Factions Allow Filtering By Player On /F Logs

    +1 I made a similar suggestion before, and they have just added the filters, but I don't think that is enough in some scenarious.
  9. DanielT_

    OP Factions Removal of Enemies Having Perms In Faction Claims.

    +1 I don't want enemies flicking my adjusting and cannon levers because cannon goes boom after sometimes yk.
  10. DanielT_

    OP Factions Removing GKIT Upgrades

    +1 I don't wanna open 1 crate from my gkit on sotw just really ruins the gkit.
  11. DanielT_

    OP Factions Easier to make oceans

    Username: DanielT_ Suggestion: Easier to make oceans Detailed description: Pocket oceans - would be a water bucket (expencive one, would have the name Pocket Ocean) that would cover the whole chunk with water where u place it , basically a chunk buster, just doesn't remove the blocks, but...
  12. DanielT_

    Solos is breaking the rule.

    Hello, It's not illegal to place spawners. Only the value that was placed 72 hours ago will count for payout.
  13. DanielT_

    my account got hacked

    Be patient, someone will respond to you soon.
  14. DanielT_

    I lost an epic full set due to a bug/ping spike?

    You can make a bug report here https://pika-network.net/bug-report/
  15. DanielT_

    Fix Mask Bug

    You can make a bug report here https://pika-network.net/bug-report/
  16. DanielT_

    Hello bug Issuer

    Hello bug Issuer
  17. DanielT_

    When Will DZ Outpost be Fixed

    If there is something wrong with the outpost, you can make a bug report here: https://pika-network.net/bug-report/
  18. DanielT_

    Perm Banned after paying 40 euro for upgrading rank but never get the rank

    If you make a payment support thread, explain everything what has happened, you should get your ranks, and also will be unbanned from the server, but only if you cancel the refund. You just need to be patient, because the owners don't see the payment threads daily. Also I suggest not making...
  19. DanielT_

    Yeah very lucky them https://prnt.sc/QoQzYOrbpy_5

    Yeah very lucky them https://prnt.sc/QoQzYOrbpy_5
  20. DanielT_

    Good morning

    Good morning