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  1. Gamer_Knight

    Denied Global Max & voodootje0 pictures

    didnt evn read it +1
  2. Gamer_Knight

    BedWars goofy kill messages

    nice a a a a a a a a a
  3. Gamer_Knight

    Denied Minigames Fart Kill message

    +1 but i think it should be available for all ranks *including nons
  4. Gamer_Knight

    Denied Minigames Level bracket colors stuff

    Please talk in english word 5 word 6
  5. Gamer_Knight

    Denied Minigames Level bracket colors stuff

    Username: MINECRAFT_GAMERs Suggestion: Level bracket colors stuff Detailed description: So basically pika recently got an update which was related to votes, so basically the update was about voting crates in minigames so now when we vote we get voting crate keys and 1 of the rewards was...
  6. Gamer_Knight

    SkyWars A reset for skywars win-streak leaderboard.

    +1 its a good idea and idk i just need 6 words smh
  7. Gamer_Knight

    Denied Minigames Moving rank to another account

    Username: MINECRAFT_GAMERs Suggestion: Moving rank to another account Detailed description: So, This is an Old functions but it was removed due to : I dont know, and Many ranked players are cracked account players since when they bought/got gifted the rank they didn't have a premium...
  8. Gamer_Knight

    Denied Practice Boxing

    @RyanDoesPvP what? What????????? Why did u react with a question mark.
  9. Gamer_Knight

    Denied BedWars Feiry Stick

    I agree to dat statement (Why does it need 6 words smh)
  10. Gamer_Knight

    Denied BedWars Feiry Stick

    Nah It's just gonna weird ( sorry )
  11. Gamer_Knight

    Practice Boxing duels

    Pretty sure suggested and denied so idk (I do like the idea tho)
  12. Gamer_Knight


  13. Gamer_Knight

    Accepted Discord New emoji

    -1 looks really bad and it looks cringe sry but its true
  14. Gamer_Knight

    BedWars New item - Enchanted Milk

    I will give it a +1 As it's very useful for bedwars strats
  15. Gamer_Knight

    Store Changing vote system

    Username: MINECRAFT_GAMERs/Gamer_Knight/Zqqd/1Pq_/LongLiver Suggestion: Changing vote system Detailed description: Ok, So, Pika just added a new vote system which, I'm really happy that they did, As Most of the people can't afford ranks, So in pika When we vote we can only withdraw 500...
  16. Gamer_Knight

    Denied Global Adding 1 more version

    Username: MINECRAFT_GAMERs/Gamer_Knight/Zqqd/zLongLiverr/LongLiver Suggestion: Adding 1 more version Detailed description: Ok, So, Today I was playing minecraft then i logged on to 1.7.10 and I saw that you can't join the server ofc I'm banned but i saw liek this y'k the thing 1.8x, 1.9x...
  17. Gamer_Knight

    BedWars Final kill effects

    Found you here too im "Username_215(ping4help) and 1+ this should be added
  18. Gamer_Knight

    Denied Minigames Changing level system

    Username: MINECRAFT_GAMERs/Gamer_Knight Suggestion: Changing level system Detailed description: Ok, So you guys see as there are 2 main minigames (bedwars,skywars) So as of right now if we mainly grind bedwars so there should be a level like if he has like eg: 1000 wins and he has level 50...
  19. Gamer_Knight

    BedWars spiderman kill message

    +1 I think it should be added and it's cool too