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  1. veer49

    Please reset votes

    Please reset the votes, they have not been reseted till now.
  2. veer49

    Lifesteal Confirmation to claim a voucher.

    +1 Same thing happened to me, i wanted to sell a nick name command, i accidentaly claimed it while opening an ender chest.
  3. veer49

    Update Survival - Reset | January The 6th 2023

    Omg! I cant believe it happened, gg!
  4. veer49

    Denied Global making bad words to * or something else

    Username: veer_49 Suggestion: making bad words to * or something else Detailed description: what i m trying to tell is, when someone swears, he gets muted. specially new players donnt know about i.So i will tell that you should make bad words to *.This will almost just end the problem of...
  5. veer49

    Denied Practice New gamemode in practise, 'BRIDGES'

    Username: veer_49 Suggestion: New gamemode in practise, 'BRIDGES' Detailed description: Please add bridges in pika. I think it will be the 2nd cracked server having it and we all dieee to play that gamemode.. Reason(s): -- many ppl like bridges and it is a way to get more players play the...
  6. veer49

    BedWars Bed After Disconnect

    +1 Yeah it is very annyoing and i want this thing to change..
  7. veer49

    Denied Lobby music back in lobbies

    Yes an option for disabling it in lobby setting will be a good idea
  8. veer49

    Denied Lobby music back in lobbies

    Username: veer_49 Suggestion: music back in lobbies Detailed description: pika should add music in lobbies. it CAN be based on halloween scary music (no problem if not). this will make players enjoy their time in the lobbies. Reason(s): ---> Good for players who like to spend their time...
  9. veer49

    Denied Global NEW RANK (pikachu) (can be changed)

    Username: veer_49 Suggestion: NEW RANK (pikachu) (can be changed) Detailed description: name of the server is pika but nothing is realted to it ;(. in this rank u will get new perks and stuff u also get a new kill message: player got electrocuted by the electric bolt of pikachu etc etc etc...
  10. veer49

    Denied BedWars Addition of ultimate bedwars. (kind of op bedwars)

    Username: veer_49 Suggestion: Addition of ultimate bedwars. (kind of op bedwars) Detailed description: in this gamemode the people will get to play kind of op bedwars almost like hypixel ;-; . but it is a very fun gamemode. i mean like many people dont get to play private games so...
  11. veer49

    Minigames School Kill Messages

    +1 idk what do i type here lol
  12. veer49

    Denied Minigames add /report command

    Username: veer_49 Suggestion: add /report command Detailed description: so my suggestion is to add a /report command Reason(s): many people are lazy to report in forums (including me ;)) thats why manyyy people are getting rid of punishments so i would suggest adding a /report command to the...
  13. veer49

    OP Prison Allow Perm Vouchers to override ssn.

    +1 yeah because many people have seasonal ranks and if we cant claim perm rank over ssnl, then i think there is NO use of opening vote crates !
  14. veer49

    Denied Survival Please Reset Survival As Soon As Possible

    Username: veer_49 Suggestion: Please Reset Survival As Soon As Possible Detailed description: As much as i know, Survival was supposed to reset like a month ago but it has not been reset till now. Reason(s): Many people were expecting reset early but it has made many players have QUIT...
  15. veer49

    how big will the world border

    ig it is 30000 x 30000
  16. veer49

    unfair banishment

    did u just- use a vpn ?!
  17. veer49

    The reason Why lifesteal has player limit an queue Explained

    Alright, Thanks for the info. Tbh i dint even know about it
  18. veer49

    Please don't put queues

    bruh really ? Then why isnt it like that in bw or sw or survival ? There are like 3500 ppl playing bw at a time then why in lifestel :((( sry if u think i was rude ;-;
  19. veer49

    Please don't put queues

    Yeah, You are true this thing really takes a lot of time
  20. veer49

    Anyname's 75m Challenge. Read this for your chance to win 75m for real :D

    Alright i will surely try it if i have time :/