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  1. SkullGloKeR

    Custom Fan-made Map For Solos/Doubles

    Nice Map U Can Submit that . It Looks Like Hy. Bw Map Glacier
  2. SkullGloKeR

    ProTurkTv Hacks

    You can report the player here, Player Reports But u need video proof, of the player cheating/hacking .
  3. SkullGloKeR

    Apply for Youtube Rank?

    Yes U can . Here are require.. https://pika-network.net/threads/read-before-applying-for-twitch-youtube.103551/
  4. SkullGloKeR


    ig its fixed now
  5. SkullGloKeR

    PLS HELP Me guys!!! biggest pika issue

    How Many votes u can get 7 days ?
  6. SkullGloKeR

    Skywars is corrupted😡

    TBH I kinda agree with u. If Two player with rank and one without rank with approx. same skill . Then Surely ranked Will win. Well It can be affected by loot. Also many players say that they have good kit so they can win easily and this argument is countered by saying that ranked kits are nerfed...
  7. SkullGloKeR

    PLS HELP Me guys!!! biggest pika issue

    @FuryDhruv So Here u got your answer. The 3rd set of Iron Expires In 7 days . Dont Why But This Happens everytime
  8. SkullGloKeR

    kb changed?

    I Dont Think So........
  9. SkullGloKeR

    [GUIDE] How to get VIP/ELITE/TITAN rank

    This is very hard
  10. SkullGloKeR

    [GUIDE] How to get VIP/ELITE/TITAN rank

    Getting Titan rank was possible before by voting. But Requirements were pretty high . Like u need a premium minecraft account and 8 votes per day. But U can not get TITAN Rank now By Voting . I am sure of it.
  11. SkullGloKeR

    Forums Guild Log

    Btw If they add something like you can see a members state. For example last seen, active hours and how much they contributed in guild via guild exprience. Or maybe a leaderboard who have highest contribution of guild exprience. This will be intresting and may help to maintain the guild very...
  12. SkullGloKeR

    Lost claimblocks

    Hey Kruzador . | You can make a bug report here.
  13. SkullGloKeR

    Bring back a map

    Btw in hypixel for example generator speed are based on the mode and the map. For example if map is long to rush then gen will be fast so people can get resources faster. It is something that will take time to make and then many also say this will be copy of hy. Btw I dont think we need this it...
  14. SkullGloKeR

    is a 200+ winstreak possible in current pika skywars with no rank or perks?

    Its not possible . And all the who are on the leaderboard used a glitch to save winstreak. Not all but most of them used that. So after that considering all things that got nerfed in previous months or year like vamp and donator kits . I dont thinks its possible. But nvm hackers. So nope.
  15. SkullGloKeR

    What's The Reason?

    Pika network is a cracked server where alt are possible. And the bypasses for its anticheat are being developed faster than its patch . Also hackers are advertising their hacks in public chat and many people want try these haacks because they are boring for whole community.
  16. SkullGloKeR

    SkyWars new ability for skywars

    I dont think its going to happen its related to ability paladin in most cases.
  17. SkullGloKeR

    Minigames Change Of Arrangement Of Guild Members Shown in Guild Menu | Last Seen Info Addition

    Being able to see last joined has already been suggested I know that its just addition in my suggestion to make it up. My suggestion mainly focus on online players appear first in the list. And you are wrong online players does not appear first in the list.
  18. SkullGloKeR

    Minigames Change Of Arrangement Of Guild Members Shown in Guild Menu | Last Seen Info Addition

    Username: SkullGloKeR Suggestion: Change Of Arrangement Of Guild Members Shown in Guild Menu | Last Seen Info Addition Detailed description: My suggestion is simple in guild menu where guild members head is shown and stated when they joined and online or not. In which finding members which...
  19. SkullGloKeR

    Skywars is, quite literally, unplayable.

    Btw the I know there is no AntiCheat which is perfect. But there is one solution to reduce the amount of hackers which is to increase amount of staff members online in the game . So we can report them as fast as possible and can tell them to spectate the game. As you know forum report system is...