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  1. biroya


    season will be reset at the end of the season, but not permanently.
  2. biroya

    Kit Pyro, Ninja, Viking Buff's

    Then go to the address below and suggest you buff it Here!
  3. biroya

    KitPvP crate opening

    Congratulations on getting the Ultimate rank...
  4. biroya

    Banned For Blockhitting?

    You can go to the address below and solve the ban, and if you were banned when you did blockhit, your internet could be a bug if it's not a problem. Go to the address below and report the bug. Appeal : https://pika-network.net/appeal/ Bug Report : https://pika-network.net/bug-report/
  5. biroya

    Click here :

    interesting video 🤣 I hope your channel very well!!
  6. biroya

    i did no damage

    I think your internet issue or ping issue.. check your internet.
  7. biroya

    i was banned for using CM pack.

    I think that's your internet issue
  8. biroya

    Is this the Cleanest KILL

    your welcome
  9. biroya

    Forums Badges

    Username: wjdxo Suggestion: Badges Detailed description: I hope there is a place in the forum where I can easily find out what badges are there and how I can get them. Reason(s): I'd like to have a space on the forum where I can find out what kind of badges there are and how I get them...
  10. biroya

    Forums Donator Ranks

    I don't think there's any benefit in the forum. Sounds like a good idea!
  11. biroya

    BedWars Scaffold victory dance

    +1 because can experience the hack client!
  12. biroya

    BedWars YouTuber Kill Message

    good kill message! +1
  13. biroya

    Denied Discord Add Discord only staff

    pika discord is need staff!
  14. biroya

    Repost : PvP Montage

    Your pvp is god..
  15. biroya

    Bedwars .............

    I think need motion blur because video is noting smoother
  16. biroya

    Hm Its Grapple Tongue :d by GX Games small fun game

    I want see your uploading video...
  17. biroya

    Bedwars ASMR with Shaders

    what is the shader pack? Your shader pack is very good
  18. biroya


    If you want to fix anti-cheat, go to the address below to suggest evidence or text why you need to fix it! Here!
  19. biroya


    I hope your ban will be resolved soon. Wolf_Sayyed!
  20. biroya


    . ?