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  1. Stavon


    uhhh, may I know where this "hacker" is found?
  2. Stavon

    oh, pm me my dude.

    oh, pm me my dude.
  3. Stavon

    Looking for some old dudes

    completely forgot about kaos too, but hey! I'm an old player lol.
  4. Stavon

    Voting system busted?

    I think some voting sites have a cooldown timing of like 6 hours or something, I may be wrong. But yeah, this needs some fixing too.
  5. Stavon

    Ay! How you've been Ziilon? IT HAS BEEN A WHILE my man.

    Ay! How you've been Ziilon? IT HAS BEEN A WHILE my man.
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  7. Stavon

    Just to ask.

    Oh right, I forgot to ask, could I get my "Veteran" status on the forums here? I was a staff here back in 2016-17.
  8. Stavon


    that's the cutest thing i've ever seen in my entire life.
  9. Stavon

    It has been a long journey

    lmao he's an old admin/owner of this place for like idk forever before dutch
  10. Stavon


    no, maybe, idk, dont remember.
  11. Stavon

    I'm always watching.

    Hey. 2019. Three months late. chunga.
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    oh my god, is that your cat?
  13. Stavon

    Oi help me out with Maths

    2+2 is 4 minus 1 that's 3 quick maths
  14. Stavon

    Denied for the staff team

    It's alright, I got denied too. Just try again. I ain't trying no more.
  15. Stavon

    So, Hi.

    The more you know, am I right? We've met before lol, need to be so formal haha ecksdee
  16. Stavon

    So, Hi.

    I resigned due to school taking up my damn time. I can't join back as a staff member, unless I re-apply. None of the newer staffs know who I am anymore.
  17. Stavon

    So, Hi.

    So for all of the new players out there that just joined the server, Hi. My name is Steven, or Steve, for short. I WAS a staff, an old player, and an avid and active player in Pika-Network until everything went downhill once I resigned, although nothing needs to be touched on there. I've left...
  18. Stavon

    From 2013 To 2017 (Good bye everyone)

    Don't remember who you are, I've probably met you...somewhere. Anywho, I wish you the best of luck. Hope you come back soon....(wink)
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  20. Stavon

    Just a message from an ex-staff :)

    Probably, I ain't a noob. Yeaaaaaah, technically. I am back. But maturised even further. Aww, thanks. Been a while.