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    Accepted BedWars Time stopper | Rotational Item

    nice +1 but i will be anooying if we didnt caught the player
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    BedWars New Gamemode "Weekend Special"

    +1 so good if it applies i usually play on weekends only will be intresting if applied
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    BedWars Better Minigame Lvlup Rewards!

    +1 nice but rip to us players who are 50 + level
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    BedWars Scaffold victory dance

    +1 nice
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    Denied BedWars Drop players Ender chest items in their generator after they are eliminated

    Username: Mih6y Suggestion: Drop players Ender chest items in their generator after they are eliminated Detailed description: I am playing bedwars since 2022 and i have noticed a very annoying thing these years.Not only for me almost all of the bedwars players.The thing is that when a...
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    Getting low fps during fights.

    Just get a good client
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    BedWars School Kill Messages

    how to get this message like this person has been killed by you #1234 i have vip still how to get it pls tell
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    Denied BedWars bed after disconnect

    Username: mih6y Suggestion: bed after disconnect Detailed description: when i disconnect and rejoin after couple minutes/seconds when i rejoin in solos bedwars it shown ur bed has been destroyed and its too annoying cause i had diamond armour+prot 4+diamond sword+sharp+bed stiil my net got...
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    Denied BedWars add more maps pls

    Username: mih6y Suggestion: add more maps pls Detailed description: i am playing pika since 1 month and i was playing herobrine since 1 year i got bored it in but pika it good server i liked it many facts i cant tell in typing but pika should add more maps pls there are only few maps around 20...