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  1. Scorch

    Update OpFactions - Reset | August the 27th 2021

    This season is going to be fun. Will gold coins work as buycraft?
  2. Scorch

    congrats on admin. Long man

    congrats on admin. Long man
  3. Scorch

    Goodbye Duck King. We will miss you.

    Goodbye Duck King. We will miss you.
  4. Scorch

    damn it will be sad that you leave..

    damn it will be sad that you leave..
  5. Scorch

    Update OpSkyblock - Reset | May the 29th 2021

    hyped for this opskyblock reset. Lets go
  6. Scorch

    Denied SkyWars Rename KB stick

    Well, Patostick would be legandary item. Soo why not.
  7. Scorch

    Update OpPrison - Reset | May the 22nd 2021

    lets gooo. New season is coming!!
  8. Scorch

    Denied OP Factions Add gamemode creative back

    Minecraft Username: ScorchedX Suggestion: Add gamemode creative back Detailed description: Gamemode creative should get added back (like it was in 2k18) because there is no comp anymore. So people can dupe items rather than getting kits every 30 mins. /gmc should be available for legends+...
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    this is how i can 5 block people (tutorial)

    I can easily 6 block people now.
  11. Scorch

    Update Practice - Reset | May The 16th 2021

    Let's goo practice reset. It will be nice to pvp again.
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    It's not know yet, but there is chance that there won't be payouts.
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  14. Scorch

    gratz on 1k messages

    gratz on 1k messages
  15. Scorch

    this srever sucks lmao

    The rest of gamemodes are good. And go play your own server if u don't like this one.
  16. Scorch

    I paid and didn't get my stuff

    Stop acting like he actually did. He is faking proof to get items for free. Toby already explained it how he faked the proof. So stop thinking he actually paid 380$.
  17. Scorch

    is /warp mine still there?

    Back in 2017 I remember warp mine. Sadly, now it doesn't exist anymore.
  18. Scorch

    tnt cannons// schematics

    Yes, schematica is allowed. And people build cannons with /printer.
  19. Scorch

    50 pika levels

    Wow, this is a really good montage Keep it up!
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    Chill man. No need to go on forums and make a post just because he is banned.