1. S

    Survival - Unable to join

    Good Day Pika Members! For me When i try to join the survival server it doesn't let me join, it kicks me out saying " (!) You have been kicked! (!) Reason: PikaNetwork >> Lost connection to server. " I really do not understand. I looked at other forms It said to join to a compatible version...
  2. R

    My ip was blacklisted

    Dear Ladys and Gentleman, I got Banned on my Account (DepressedScope) false of course. My IP is blacklisted for no reason its obviously a Bug i did nothing wrong. ~ DepressedScope
  3. IslamDaCat

    Bedwars duplicate bug

    when you join a game of bedwars, for example you go in a game of doubles and the player count in the waiting room goes over 16 , the map duplicates,like if the player count is 18/16 the map will duplicate once so the generator with be 2x faster and the timers too,this happend to me and the...