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Mar 5, 2018
(Sorry for bad english)
I just had a insane 4v4 bedwars game (or for me). It started normally and yellow rushed my team (green) and my team did good job defending and after fight, my teammate and i decided to rush yellow and while my teammate fell into the void, i was at yellow's base and they didn't notice me, i destroyed there bed killed 2 yellows while other 2 went to red base. I had low health and decided to try at least kill remaining 2 yellows. They finished bridge to red and started going around their base while i sneak behind 2 reds i noticed that red had endstone and for some weird reason, they somehow miss placed 5 endstone. I quickly broke red wool and destroyed the bed. After that i killed 2 red guys, one fell into the void and the other started to bridge to the sky and got to the point where if he jumped he would die. I decided to leave him alone for some time so i can try to destroy blue bed. But then blue destroyed my bed and killed my 3 teammates. So i was left alone without bed. So now i decided to go the middle and get emeralds. Got to middle to found out that blue made bridge to middle from yellow base and got most emeralds. After picking up remaining emeralds i got 6, which was enough for speed and jump boost potion and pearl. Got that and destroyed blue's bed. While i did that, blue killed last red and i was the only one remaining that they had to kill. After i destroyed blue's bed, i killed one blue guy at there base. After a short time, 2 blues started coming to me and they had both diamond armor with protection and one had iron sword while other had stone with sharpness. I only had leather armor with protection 1 and wooden sword with sharpness. So this wasn't fair fight at all. Because they had so much better gear than me i decided to buy two fireballs and use these fireballs to destroy bridge, but it was too late. So i used one fireball to knock them a little so i can get to top of the base, and because i had the high ground i was able to knock them to ground and deal fall damage and somehow i killed both of them and i was left with one blue guy. So i decided to go to middle and get emeralds and got 16, so i got diamond armor, diamond sword, set of potions and pearl. Now i was ready to fight the last guy and after looking at bases from middle i noticed that he was at my base and was holding iron golem egg. Now my team got forge, so he was able to get tons of iron golem eggs while i got emeralds. So i decided to go to diamond islands and get diamonds and got enough for protection 3, and so i was ready to kill the last blue guy. So i used pearl to go to my base and he used 4 iron golem eggs and then started spamming fireballs, in that process he did a lot of damage to iron golems and gave me a chance to use my fireball to kill his golems. So now 1v1 fight, he had diamond armor and sword. And after a short fight i won.
Now im not that good at bedwars, but somehow i won game with 3 destroyed beds and 8 final kills, while i was alone and didn't have bed for most game.

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Mar 14, 2019
ig it was lucky
Anyways gg