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    I didnt get my key for lvl 4 rank

    No one gets a key when rankup to lvl4, its broken for everyone, also the voting is broken.
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    Denied OPSkyBlock Add /auction in OP skyblock. (not /ah)

    Am i the only one but in example i can see the clock ?
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    Denied OPSkyBlock Add /auction in OP skyblock. (not /ah)

    Suggestion: Add /auction in OP skyblock. (not /ah) Detailed description: To be able to auction an item, tool or blocks in /auction /auc so people can outbid the other players, (this was a thing long ago in this server, not in skyblock but faction and prison i think) Reason(s): I see many...
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    I need some redstone help

    do you want your piston to extend left, right, up or down? There are many different extenders..
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    Fix Your Vote#4 and #7

    you can still vote on 2nd link with your username but you wont get a key (i fixed the username box and still have the problem). Same for the last vote link you can vote but you wont get any reward on the server
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    Fix Your Vote#4 and #7

    They really cant do much, its the owners of the websites that we vote that have a problem, only they are able to fix it. But the owner of the pika network can contact them to find a solution. (from 7 vote links, i get only 5 of them working for me)
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    Lag clear plugin deletes items on 5 min. warning message count ( i lost my trident)

    I know that you can loose items in the time period when the lag (items) are cleared in the last few seconds, i was killing some phantoms with my trident it has been passed only 2-3 minutes when the 10min warning message showed in the chat, so i was sure that my trident cant be deleted. (in those...
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    MY SPawner :(

    your mushroom cow spawner needs to be placed next to mycelium to be able to spawn/produce mushroom cows! Edit: its not a bug, its onlyin the game code like that, in normal survival you can find mushroom cows only on mycelium islands ( mushroom islands) so when you use a mushroom spawner it need...
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    Can you make villager breeder?

    i found one, i activated it but nothing... you cant go in the end, i suggested to be opened but no one voted for it. by the way, the villager breeding it works but the time that it takes to...
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    AFK grinding verification broken!

    I was grinding some cave spiders and i got this verification where i did not have anything to press on to verify that i'm not afk. Please fix this problem. i got the same thing 2 times so far. and i need to press X or Alt+F4 to get out of the game and rejoin. by loosing x200 spiders.
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    fix compendium

    1. mobs do not stack correctly. - I think they should do max cap per clan for the animals, its really bad idea so they can stack up because if they stack up you wont be able to breed them, they should do for example: in one clan is allowed; 15pigs, 15 sheeps, 15, cows, 18, chickens, 4 horses, 4...
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    Accepted Survival Enable The End world, Villager breeding and Reloading the server!

    Suggestion: Enable The End world, Villager breeding and Reloading the server! Detailed description: 1St. Suggestion: End exploring I think it should be enabled the end world, so you can explore more, find some shulkers, elytra and some loot. But in oposite to be removed the elytra from /shop...
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    Can you make villager breeder?

    Does it work on the server to make a villager breeder? I want to create a villager trading hall. Edit: Can you go to end if you find a End portal?
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    VoteTop September - Top Voters

    gl to the winners... i still didnt got my voucher code from the last top voters...