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Denied SkyWars Suggestions related to the latest SkyWars update


Staff Member
Jul 22, 2020
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Suggestions related to the latest SkyWars update

Detailed description:

The recent SkyWars update brought quite some new features into the game. However, it has certain issues that need to be addressed for the game experience to be enjoyable for everyone. This update mostly harmed the donator part of the community, which is the main reason I'm making this suggestion. Below can be seen a list of changes that we, the donators and well-known players, would like to see.

Donator Kits & Voting Issues

Donator kits were severely nerfed in the recent update, and that is a huge issue for us, the donators, who paid to support the server and get the perks we paid for. We mostly paid for having the vote supremacy and our donator kits.

However, the vote supremacy is severely harmed now because non-donators can also vote. Even though they can vote once every two hours, there is so many of them that they can still severely impact the voting and force a mode the donators do not want to be voted (usually Rumble), which is unfair since we paid for vote supremacy and we now lost it for no reason.

Most of us bought our ranks because of the powerful kits they provided. However, these kits are now completely useless and many of us feel like we wasted our money. Although we still have several cosmetic and quality-of-life improvements (/nick, hosting private games, ability discounts, etc), that does not matter much to many of us since it doesn't influence the gameplay much. Most of us already have the abilities maxed so the abilities discounts do not matter for us. Ranks severely lost their value in this update and we hope that can be reversed.

Let's note that armor was buffed, so normal players will have more chance of killing donators with their kits than before. Now the armor we get on islands is sometimes (quite often actually) better than the Elite/Titan kit armor and that is completely unacceptable.

Solutions to this:

- Give donators more votes (VIP - 2, Elite - 3, Titan - 4) OR make it so Elite and Titan ranks always have the vote supremacy over non-donators, so whenever a donator votes for a mode, all the non-donators' votes stop mattering and the donator's vote is final.
- Give us our old donator kits back since that is what most of us paid for and it is unfair to take that away from us.

Map Issues

Many of the new maps are very nice-looking and they seem cool. However, they aren't the best for gameplay since they are too large and require too much bridging. The solution to this would be to reduce the amount of bridging needed by shortening the amount of void there is between islands. This applies to all the newly added maps.

The Jungle map has way too much wheat, crops, and grass all around the map, making it harder for us to fight and place blocks. These should be fully removed since they serve no useful purpose. Either that or lessen them so there are as few of them as possible.

It is too easy to get knocked off on the Lighthouse map: the islands need to be much bigger. The planes also need to be redesigned since, currently, they are made out of slabs which makes it hard to place blocks and bridge normally, which is annoying.

Also, the Mesa map needs to be removed from Solo SkyWars because it's too huge for the Solo mode.

Paladin Ability

The current Paladin ability is really weak and feels like a waste of coins compared to other popular abilities (Vampire, Fallen Angel, Guardian, etc). The solution to this would be to buff the Paladin ability severely so it's actually useful. Here is one example of how that can be done:

Level 1 - Regeneration I for 2 seconds obtained after kill (50% chance)
Level 2 - Regeneration I for 5 seconds obtained after kill (55% chance)
Level 3 - Regeneration II for 5 seconds obtained after kill (60% chance)
Level 4 - Regeneration II for 7 seconds obtained after kill (65% chance)
Level 5 - Regeneration III for 7 seconds obtained after kill (70% chance)
Level 6 - Regeneration III for 10 seconds obtained after kill (75% chance)

This might seem too powerful, but when compared to other abilities, I think it would be pretty balanced. For example, Vampire is one of the most powerful abilities, and it is stronger than this.

Kit Editor

The new Kit Editor feature seems cool, however, it needs some improvement. The main thing that needs to be changed is the ability to change equipped armor. The concept is great, just making us able to adjust our equipped armor would be good.

Thanks to @_Sxi, @EPIC_PLAYER, and @Crveni_Marlboro for helping me write this thread.

All the reasons are given above, in the "Detailed description" section, next to the suggestions themselves.​


New Member
Oct 31, 2020
definitely agree, we have almost no difference compared with an unranked player.


Great Reporter
Oct 24, 2020
Alright boys/girls, who's gonna join PikaNetwork Skywars veteran team?


Lead Developer
Mar 11, 2018
Hello Lt_Hammerman,

Thank you for creating a suggestion to improve the server. We are always doing our best to make the server a better place for everyone.
However, we have decided to deny your suggestion due to:
  • The kits will stay as they currently are.
  • Voting has been reverted
  • Maps will be looked in to by the builders
  • Paladin Ability just didn't work, that got fixed.

The Kit Editor suggestion will be handled as a seperate suggestion and will be implemented soon.

Thank you very much for helping us.

Have fun playing on PikaNetwork!